Hi there, I see you've stumbled across my portfolio site - welcome! My name is Tunan, and I want to change the world.

I know, big dreams for a little girl.

I'm still trying to find my place in the creative industry, but I believe in the power of design and want to use my skills and passions to work on socially impactful projects that help make the world a better place.

I'm very interested in interactive mediums and spaces, and have recently started to delve into the world of game design + development.

Please feel free to contact me with project + collaboration possibilities, or follow me on my journey:

email. facebook. linkedin

Camp Optimizely

Flyers, goodie bags with activity booklet + merit badges + name tag + tshirt/onesie, photo op wall, and signage, created for Optimizely's camp themed Bring Your Kids to Work Day.

Illustrator, Google Slides, cardboard + markers

Optimizely Pride Week 2016

Volunteered my design services to Optimizely's Pride Committee to help out with all the Pride Week office activities, and the parade float. Done over only a couple of weeks, I started off designing t-shirts, temporary tattoos, and an agenda, but then took the iniative to take over the "informational pamphlets" task to put together table-tents and posters with stats and explanations of relevant symbols/flags and people.

Illustrator, InDesign

Run for your life

In February 2016 I participated in the Pixelles Game Incubator follow-along program to create my first game over 6 weeks. A basic infinite side-scroller jumper game developed from scratch in Unity, coded with C#. I intend to continue improving this game while I further learn to use Unity, but the curent build can be downloaded and played here.

Unity, C#, Illustrator, Photoshop

ToJam Pixel art

Alien character encounters for my team's game, Stella Wanderer, created at the Toronto Game Jam 2015.

Graphics Gale

Personal business card

Illustrator, and hand-cut with a scalpel!

Employee anniversary gift

An art frame gift created for one of my workmates, along with small cards with messages from the rest of the team.

Paper/card stock, InDesign

Logos for Resolve projects


Women at the Center

Promotional cards created for Resource Media's Women At The Center, for distribution at conferences.


Community Health and Shale Development

Guidebook, website, and take-away items, for Resolve's project on providing a resource for both developers and communities affected by shale development, to help each side understand each other.

InDesign, WordPress, HTML/CSS, Illustrator

Reports + documents for Resolve projects

InDesign, MS Word

Websites for Resolve projects

Websites designed and/or coded for various projects (not linked, as some not released yet)

Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Illustrator

Biodiverisity & Wildlife Solutions Sustainbility Breakfast

Postcards created for RESOLVE's Sustainability Breakfast event, promoting the new Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions program, as well as WRI's Global Forest Watch program.


Year-end 2015 fundraising for Resolve

Theme based on two of RESOLVE's current projects - pop-up graphics, email newsletters, social media graphics, and gift cards were created to help draw attention to the Donation page. The cards were made to be printable or emailed by donors in order to gift a donation.

Illustrator, Wordpress, HTML/CSS, Constsant Contact

Virginia postcards

Upon arriving in VA, I was unable to find Virginia-specific postcards, so decided to design my own to send to friends and family. Inspired by the colourful trees surrounding the area, especially as we started to head into Autumn.


Personal Typography / Design practice pieces

Pen/pencil, Illustrator

Frozen in time

Themed event installation using recyled paper to create icicles.

Paper, tape, streamers, themed treats

Art Week Installation

Interactive installation for OUSA Art Week. Based on my final year university project looking at gender stereotypes, but placed in a more public space in order to gauge a response and help develop the project further. The public are invited to create their own characters/stories with the magnetic pieces, or draw on the whiteboard or paper templates. "Imagine if" prompt cards are provided and viewers are encouraged to write their own to help inspire others.

Illustrator, magnetic whiteboard, magnetic dress-up pieces

Lessons of Difference

Final year university project - a primary-level teaching aid that allows children to explore gender roles and stereotypes through play and aided discussion. Comprises of game box with guidebook and magnetic dress up doll pieces, along with promotional posters.

Illustrator, InDesign, vinyl printed on magentic sheets + laser cut

Unicef NZ's General Fund campaign

University group project - Our concept was a large scratch-surface poster, where the public can use a coin to reveal the message beneath. We tested out a much smaller version of the poster created with black paint on top to mimic the effect of scratch card material.

Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop

Finding Home

University seqeuntial art project. Finding Home is a short comic about fitting in, and the discovery that not everything is really what it looks like.

Pencil, Photoshop

EVR Drink mascot

University project creating a mascot and packaging design for an existing food/drink product. I chose a wine-throated hummingbird for EVR, which contains resveratrol, the antioxidant found in wine. Hummingbirds also represent healing, life, and continuity. The EVR drink and logo belongs to the drink company.


University poster projects

Graphic design and illustration projects

Illustrator, Photoshop, acrylic paint, colouring pencils

VooDoo Girl

First year university project on using watercolours, creating a character and illustrating a poem (Voodoo Girl by Tim Burton).

Watercolours, pen, Photoshop for text


First year university project on using stop-motion to create a music video

Post-it notes, pencil, After Effects